Lindsay FergusonComment

Creating Proposals that Convert

Lindsay FergusonComment
Creating Proposals that Convert

Wedding planners around the world are in the thick of “booking season” right now. From furiously marketing their businesses to fielding inquiries and blocking out calendars for sales calls, the winter and early spring months are busy (to say the least). So, as we all are putting together proposals in hopes of cranking out contracts, we wanted to take some time to help you put together proposals that convert! Read on for our top 3 tips to help you seriously impress your potential clients during the sales process.

Make Your Proposals Personal

Even in a world that is all about automating your business, it is important to take the time to talk to people. So, before you start building a proposal for a potential client, be sure to schedule an initial call. Doing so will not only allow you to learn how you can really create a proposal that will wow them but it is an opportunity to show them what it would be like to work with you! Really listen to what they are saying, asking for, or needing and then include the solutions (and all of the little things that will make them feel heard and special) in your proposal.

Pro-tip: Another great way to make a proposal more personal is to walk them through it! And, a great new tool we have been using is Loom. It’s a free video recording and screen sharing tool that allows you to virtually walk them through the proposal and gives the delivery an extra personal touch! 

Be Transparent

No one likes being surprised. So, make sure your proposals are as transparent as possible! How do you do this? Be sure to clearly point out any “fine print.”. For example, make sure information about how you handle overtime requires an extra initial; which ensures that they have at least had their eyes on the detail. Many of times couples are so overwhelmed that they just sign without reading the fine print or asking questions. If you can clearly and easily show them this ahead of time, it starts to create a strong sense of trust right off the bat. 

Pro-tip: We love using Honeybook to ensure all our proposals are consistent, professional and easy to pay, and sign electronically. The platform also helps us with making sure everything is as transparent as can be!

Over Deliver

You should over deliver any chance you get! At LVL Weddings, each of our planners is sure to tell a potential (or booked) client what the next steps are in the process. And, when you are in the sales process, that means letting your potential client know when they can expect to receive a proposal from you. We typically let them know that they will receive one within 24 hours but actually turn it around much faster. The goal here is to beat your own deadlines, especially when being one of the first people to send a proposal for consideration often means you are the one they end up considering to hire!

Want a few more tips to help you book up your calendar with clients? Grab our 5 tips to help you book every qualified lead and learn how we use Honeybook to do it!