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What Should be in a Wedding Planner's Emergency Kit?

Lindsay FergusonComment
What Should be in a Wedding Planner's Emergency Kit?

As a professional wedding planner or coordinator, it is your job to make sure that your client’s wedding day goes off without a hitch. Which means, in addition to planning for everything to go smoothly, it means preparing for things to go wrong. Whether you are dealing with lipstick stains on the wedding dress or a full on power outage, there are certain items that you can have in your emergency kit that will help ensure you are prepared to handle anything the wedding day decides to throw at you. Read on for the most important items that every wedding planner should have in her (or his) wedding day emergency kit!

Photos and styling by  Lorely Meza Photography

Photos and styling by Lorely Meza Photography

Medical & Personal Care

Latex gloves | Bandaids | Neosporin | Clean wipes | Eye Drops | Hand Sanitizer | Sunscreen | Mints | Packs of tissues | Small comb | Tampons | Deodorant Spray | Hair Spray

Beauty & Attire

Bobbi pins | False eyelashes | Eyelash glue | Nail kit (nail file, clippers, buffer, tweezers) | Clear nail polish | Qtips | Oil Blotters | Pre- threaded sewing kit | Small attire scissors | Mini lint roller | Roll of garment / body adhesive tape | Safety Pins | Black ped sock or black pantyhose | White Chalk | Small Bar of Soap | Heel Grippers | No Slip Ball or Foot Cushions | Shoe Shine kit | Small Steamer


Black sharpies | Scissors | Double sided tape | Scotch tape | Command sticky roll | Glue Dots



Floral Pins | Assorted cable ties | Stick lighters | Measuring Tape | Bottle opener | Mini Screwdriver set | Duck Tape | Variety Nails | Utility Knife | Mini bottle of Goo-Gone | Medium easel


Rain Poncho | Shammie |Flashlight

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