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How to Attract Your Ideal Client

Lindsay FergusonComment
How to Attract Your Ideal Client

Being able to work with the “perfect” client every time is something a lot of wedding planners dream about. And, though getting to that point doesn’t happen overnight, it’s not impossible to build a brand that consistently attracts that perfect couple, you just need to know how to put yourself on that path.  

Our own goals and ideal clients for LVL Weddings have changed over the years. Where once our goal had been to grow a team that could service a high volume of weddings where couples were looking for coordination, partial and full service, now our goal is to book fewer full service luxury clients. And, through that shift, we’ve learned some valuable lessons. So today, we wanted to share those with you. 

First off, you need to identify your ideal client.

One of the lessons we’ve learned is to identify your target before going after it. And, whether you take a more trust-your-gut or data driven approach, you cannot attract your ideal client if you don’t know exactly who they are.  The easiest place to start? By setting goals for your business and deciding what you want your business (and lifestyle) to look like.

What do we mean by that? Ask yourself, do you want to be booking yourself for double-headers every weekend with coordination clients or would you rather book 10 full-service weddings a year. The answer to that question (basically, what is your main service) is foundational to knowing the type of person who will book you.

Once you have figured out your business goals, start putting together customer maps with the details of your ideal client. What is their budget, what do they do for work – the list of details you should know goes on. The goal here is to document who this person is, so that you can build a brand and business that resonates with them.

Pro-tip: If you have an actual ideal client who has hired you, take them to lunch! Take the time to ask them why they hired you and why they loved working with you, so you can start building a marketing plan and brand story around that.

You need to hone in on your messaging.

The brand you build (and everything about it) really matters when it comes to attracting your ideal client. So, everything from your website, your social media presence, the copy you write, and the images you post all become crucial pieces of the puzzle. Be consistent and authentic with your brand voice. Only share images that will speak to your ideal client. Build a brand that intrigues them.

And, if you don’t strong skills in branding – hire a professional! Since you have to wow potential ideal clients, it is worth the investment. 

Pro-tip: Two, actually. First, build strategic partnerships with photographers who reflect your brand style and the style of your ideal client. And, second, almost over communicate who you are, what your personality is, what is important to you, and what your process/experience is when talking about your business and services; and do it every chance you get!

Lastly, stay social.

We mean this both in real life and online. When it comes to your online presence, you have to stay top of mind, but don’t just post to post. Have a strategic plan to follow to make sure you are telling the full story that you need to. (Remember how we just talked about almost over communicating some things, social media is a great place to do it.) And, when it comes to real life, network with the creative partners who have the same ideal client as you! Learn all about them and work to refer each other clients because someday, all of the stars will align and you’ll get booked together. Then, you’ll have those oh-so-important and on-brand images that are the perfect tool to attract more ideal clients.

Pro-tip: Share mostly photos from ideal client type weddings on your feed and be sure to always credit all of the vendors who helped make that day happen!

Want more tips about how to attract your ideal client? Head over to the LVL Academy Facebook page and watch the replay of a live presentation we gave on this very topic!

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