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The Best Invitation Tips For Wedding Planners

Lindsay FergusonComment
The Best Invitation Tips For Wedding Planners

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Wedding planner and wedding guru are basically interchangeable, right? There are so many details that go into planning a wedding and as the person on the top of the wedding planning food chain it means knowing as much as possible about every aspect that goes into a wedding just in case a vendor drops the ball or a bride needs guidance that no one else can give. As industry pros we know that planners are really there to facilitate and line up the details, but brides often times rely on planners so much so that they expect above and beyond knowledge on everything!

Now that wedding season is on it’s downward slope let’s take a moment to regroup and learn yet another trick of the trade: how to create the best wedding invitation designs for your brides - or at least how to guide your bride the next time they ask.

To ensure we’re giving the best advice we’ve teamed up with the online stationery design company, Basic Invite, who dropped some sweet stationery knowledge on us to pass along. We’ll all be invitation pros in no time!

Here Are Your Top Five Tips

Make Sure to Have a Clear Vision of Your Client’s Style

Make sure to have a clear vision of your client’s style to ensure they are happy with the outcome you provide. There is nothing worse than a stressed out or disappointed bride so have a detailed discussion about your client’s wants and needs when it comes to all things invitations before you proceed.

Always Create Mockups Before You Buy

Once you feel confident in being able to create the perfect invitations for your bride double-check that planner intuition. Sometimes thoughts and visions can get lost in translation so take what you’ve been told and what you know about the client and her wedding style thus far and play with it! Create up to three different designs for her to look over and provide feedback on before you buy!

Triple Check Your Work

Between work, personal life, and making sure your pleasing each and every client lines can start to blur. So, be sure to double check spelling, grammar, guest lists, and addresses before you send the finalized order to your bride. Then, be sure to have her triple check that all of the information is accurate. Check the venue, address, date, time, and all of the information included in the wedding suite before your bride orders. Basic Invite offers designer assistance where an invitation specialist will check all of your work for you. A fresh set of eyes from a seasoned pro is always a good investment.

Do Not Overextend

If wedding planner doesn’t include wedding invitation designer just say no. Let your bride know you aren’t comfortable extending your assets past what you were hired to do. A stressed planner is a stressed bride. Instead, offer up a killer invitation company like Basic Invite and let the bride take it from there.

Customize Those Cards

Whether you are taking on the task or giving your bride the kick in the booty she needs, be sure that custom cards are on the table. Planning a wedding is hard work and takes true dedication so doing things 110% is a must! Rather than editing only the wording of an invitation edit the whole thing! Choose fun colors and cute fonts, upgrade to a luxurious paper type and add foil because that’s what the pros would do!

Questions to Consider

1.     Ask your bride what her wedding colors are and if she wants those incorporated in her invitation design.

2.     Does your bride want the invitations to match her wedding day décor? If so, make sure you know what style that is. Vintage, rustic, modern?

3.     Is the couple going to hire a calligrapher for the envelopes or will they be hand-addressing each envelope on their own? Make sure your client knows that free address printing services are available if they turn to Basic Invite.

Playing designer is simple when you know where to start! And don’t forget to pass along 15% off everything site wide at Basic Invite with code 15FF51. Happy planning!

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