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Social Media Tips & Tricks for Wedding Planners

Lindsay FergusonComment
Social Media Tips & Tricks for Wedding Planners

We all know that using social media as a marketing tool is important for our wedding planning businesses but sometimes, it can feel over overwhelming. So today, we are excited to have our friend Tayler, Co-Founder of Sourced Co., sharing her expert advice about all things social media. Read on for her best social media tips and tricks for wedding planners!

I have a love hate relationship with social media. While platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide low cost platforms to tell our stories, build our brands, and market our businesses – damn, they do not make it easy. From fighting the ever-changing algorithms to trying to add yet another channel to the list of things we need to create content for, figuring out ways to get the most out of social media can feel like walking through a dense fog. So today, I wanted to have a candid conversation with you about things that have helped me create content over the years and convert followers into sales. Read on for my top social media tips and tricks for wedding planners and get ready to learn to love Facebook and Instagram a little bit more than you hate ‘em.

Create Content that will Attract Your Ideal Client

What would a conversation about social media be without content creation? Because, the key (after all) is to post images and captions that will attract your ideal client. (General followers are great, but you’re using social media to market your business and book clients, right?)

You might have heard that when it comes to sharing your portfolio, that you should only include the work that represents the type of work you would like to do again. And, when it comes to creating content for social media, this sentiment holds true – to some extent, you need to manifest your ideal client in order to attract them.

“Great, but how do I do that?” It starts with having a clear understanding of who that ideal client is. Take some time to figure out the “problems” your potential clients have. That may be that they are simply in need of a wedding coordinator. Or perhaps they are looking for a full-service planner because they have absolutely no idea what it takes to plan a wedding and are overwhelmed by it. If you are someone who specializes in design, the “problem” your ideal clients might have is wanting to find a designer who is going to help them create a wedding like no one has ever seen before. Whatever the reason, figure out how you can then position yourself as the best resource for information, the right place to find what they need, and the best person for the job.

Here are some quick tips to guide you through your content creation:

  • Start by figuring out your brand voice to make sure you are writing in a consistent (and compelling) tone and write captions that read in a way that resonates with your ideal clients (Are the casual or formal? Do they like witty tone and swearing or are they prim and proper? You get the idea.)

  • Know what type of visuals they react to (ex. flowers vs. bts vs. tabletop, etc.); you should start by getting an idea through your insights and analytics pages

  • Post images that look like what your ideal client envision for their own wedding

  • Have a list of hashtags you can use to help put that content in front of your ideal clients but be sure to switch up which ones you use for each post

Pro-tip: If the images in your portfolio are in line with what your ideal client is looking for, don’t share too much of it. Work on your flat lay skills, plan a styled shoot or use styled stock photography to supplement your portfolio!

Photo courtesy Sourced Co.

Photo courtesy Sourced Co.

Curate Your Grid as Part of Your Client Experience

The first impression your potential clients get of you and your client experience is rarely an in-person moment anymore. Rather, most of the time, your potential clients are deciding whether or not they are interested in working with you based on your social media presence and website. So, if your Instagram feed is where your first impression is being made, then you can be damn sure that it is something you need to tailor to your client experience.

And, when it comes to curating your Instagram grid, there are things you can do to make it less of a daunting task than it may seem:

  • Anchor your gird with a certain color palette and/or photography style to create a cohesive look

  • Create a recipe of sorts for your sharing (top/down shots vs. straight into, florals, bts, tabletop, venue, etc.); while you don’t have to assign certain subjects to certain days, you can set yourself up for success by know what types of images you need to stockpile

  • Map things out! Even if you don’t write the captions when planning your social media calendar, at least drop the images into a scheduler so that you can make sure your grid is on lock (this is what I personally do since I write my best stuff in the moment)

Convert Followers into Potential Clients

I know you probably don’t like talking about sales that much, but the reality is – social media is a marketing and sales channel for your wedding planning business. Why else would you spend time, money, and energy on it? You are in this to make money, right?

When it comes to turning your followers into potential clients, you can’t never sell to them. Nor can you sell to them all the time. And, if you haven’t had the chance to read Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk, let me summarize it for you:

“Jab” your potential clients with something you are giving them more times than you “right hook” them with an ask for their money.

So, when you are planning out your social media calendar, be sure to also be making a plan for where your jabs are and where (and when) you are landing those right hooks. But, in a seasonal industry like the wedding industry, don’t be afraid to have months of jabs lead up to a condensed period of more sales driven posts during booking season. 

Here are some quick tips to guide you:

  • Make a plan to build to your sales ask; whether that is creating arbitrary deadlines for campaigns or knowing which months you are going to jab more and which you are going to right hook more, have at least a loose plan

  • Have a clear CTA (call to action) when you are making a sales ask! People need to be directed on what action you want them to take, so make it explicit

  • Try and make the path to conversion require the fewest amount of clicks; make sure there is a clickable URL (don’t type in the URL in your caption) and try to make it so people don’t have to click through 5 different screens to get to the end goal

I hope these social media tips and tricks help you create a beautifully curated social media presence that helps you connect with and convert your ideal clients! What has worked for you in the past? We’d love to keep the conversation going in the comments below!