Wedding Planner Workshop


THE best online WEDDING PLANNing workshop

Want to learn how to become a wedding planner from home and at your own pace? Then The Ultimate Wedding Planner Blueprint is perfect for you!  

This online wedding planning workshop covers all the foundational topics you need to have in order to build a successful career. Purchase it now and watch it anytime, anywhere!



We took our in-person workshop and filmed each and every topic for you! You will receive 9 hours of instruction broken into 30 videos for you to watch (and rewatch) at your own pace. 

Plus, you will receive the same digital materials as the in person workshop including all templates, tools and resources for you to implement the very next day!

  • Ceremony Process

  • How to run a Wedding Rehearsal

  • How to cut a Wedding Cake

  • Lessons We’ve Learned

  • A Day in the Life of a Planner

  • Wedding Planner Wardrobe

  • Q & A with LVL

  • Wedding Day Timeline

  • Wedding Design

  • Table Top How To’s

  • Social Media

  • Floral Design

  • Entertainment & Lighting

  • Finding the Perfect Venue

  • Weddings Defined

  • The Difference Between a Catering Manager & Professional Wedding Planner

  • Wedding Planner Misconceptions

  • Pricing & Your Value

  • Where to Find your Clients

  • Sales Tips & Tools

  • Psychology of Wedding Planning

  • The Wedding Industry

  • Client Books. What’s Next?

  • Photography Perspective

  • Off Site Catering

  • Meal Service Options



When you purchase the LVL Academy online wedding planning workshop, you'll get access for 6 months to learn everything at your own pace.

Need more time? That's okay too! An additional 6 months of access is available for just $100.00


An Investment Worth Making

“Attending LVL Academy's online course is one of the best investments I've made since deciding to pursue wedding planning. By the end of the course, I had the resources, tools, and most importantly the confidence I needed to help couples plan and execute one of the happiest days of their lives.” - Angela

Best Investment I've Made In My Business

“When I saw that LVL Academy opened up an online version, I jumped at the chance to participate, and I can honestly say it was worth every penny. I learned a lot of skills and tips for both my business and wedding planning in general. Some of it was a refresher, and some was brand new information. This has been, by far, the best investment I've made in my business. I still go back to the course every now and then to have a little refresh or to remind myself of something.” - Shannon

Best Wedding School Out There

“The Ultimate Wedding Planner Blueprint is every aspiring wedding planner's dream! For months, I searched for a wedding school, but found many were either scams, or they just charged way too much money! LVL Academy is perfect if you're working a full time job because you can take it at your own pace!” - Kiana


Why I Chose LVL Academy and What it has Done for Me

“I think the most important thing LVL Academy gave to me was the confidence I needed to navigate through my new business. The Academy gave me confidence to stand behind my pricing, my processes, my documents, my client experience, my timeline, and my vendor relationships. In my first year of business I took what I learned and booked over 20 weddings! I couldn’t have done that if I hadn’t believed wholeheartedly in my business and the experience we were providing our clients and for that I thank the ladies of LVL for creating the Academy. It is exactly what the planner community needed!”


Make 2019 a year of personal and professional growth. Purchase the LVL Academy online wedding planning workshop today!

Questions?  Contact academy@lvlevents.com 

* Please note that fees are non-refundable.