Why Wedding Planner's Have What They Have in Their Emergency Kits

Why Wedding Planner's Have What They Have in Their Emergency Kits

You know that you should have an emergency kit as a wedding planner, but have you ever wondered why you need some of the items you do? Today, then, we’re breaking down the logic behind having certain (and all important) items in your wedding day emergency kit. Read on to learn why these 22 items are important to have on-hand!

Tape – Scotch tape and fashion tape. Scotch tape can be used for just about anything from taping up signs to taping down wedding aisles. Fashion tape is often used to keep clothing secure where safety pins are not visually appealing. This is especially useful for low-cut or ill-fitting dresses. 

Black Pens – Sharpie Ultra-thin tip pens and regular black ink pens. Sharpie Ultra-thin tip pens work great for writing messages in guest books and other personalized items. Their ultra-thin tip makes writing look neat and leaves room for all your guests to sign. Regular black ink pens come in extra handy after the ceremony, because in some counties (including Orange County), only these type of pens are accepted for signing marriage licenses. 

Scissors – One of the most useful items in our bag. These are used at almost every one of our events! Such uses include cutting loose strings, tags, and the ends of fake eyelashes! 

Tissues – In a day of celebrating life & love, you may not help but shed tears of joy. We always carry plenty of tissues to go around, especially for sentimental brides and bridesmaids for all those heartfelt speeches and beautiful exchange of vows. 

Bobby Pins – Different colored bobby pins for multiple shades of hair. This keeps everyone’s hair looking polished & flawless. 

Safety Pins – Great for bustling your wedding dress as well as holding dresses together for any accidental tears or issues with fitting. We recommend small, medium, and large safety pins to prepare for any size needs. 

Sewing Kit – Loose button or accidental tear? Needle and thread can fix it right back up! Make sure to have white and black thread as these colors match with most wedding attire. 

Mints, Disposable Toothbrush and Breath Strips – Worried about fresh breath? We have a solution to ensure your first kiss as a married couple is a fresh one. 

Bug Repellant – Warm summer nights can be very inviting to bugs, especially for outdoor weddings. Bug repellant allows you to focus on enjoying the wedding. 

Mini Steamer – The way your clothes look speaks volumes on your wedding day. From getting in and out of cars and carrying your clothes to the wedding, your clothes are prone to getting wrinkled. We carry a mini steamer to help you and everyone in the bridal party look their best! 

Lint Roller – Did your outfit pick up dust, lint, or pet hair on your way to the wedding? A lint roller will quickly take that right off. 

Stain Remover – Getting stains on your wedding attire can be dreadful. That is why we always keep a stain remover and dress chalk in handy to keep everyone’s outfits looking absolutely flawless. 

Pantyhose – Here’s a wedding insider trick: Pantyhose not only keeps your legs warmer in cold weather, but it can also help take deodorant stains off your guys’ tuxedos! 

Static Remover – There is nothing worse than sending that tiny electric shock when you lean in to give somebody a hug or kiss on the cheek, so we bring static remover along to make sure you are completely static-free! 

Cigar Cutter – Often times guests bring along cigars but seem to forget the cigar cutter. We make sure to keep one with us, just for that reason. 

Wine Key – Has it ever happened to you that you have bottle of wine and later realize you don’t have anything to open it with? Whether they are forgotten, broken, or lost, we make sure to have an extra wine key to get those bottles open and have you tickling those taste buds! 

Hammer – A hammer is a very versatile tool. You can hammer a post into the ground, hang signs so that your guests know which way to go, or use it to fix something around the venue before guests arrive. 

Duct Tape – Sturdier than regular tape, this can be used to repair just about anything. It is a quick fix for hanging signs to covering electrical wire, which can prevent guests from tripping. 

Extension Cord – Sometimes cord lengths fall short or there are limited electrical sockets at venues.  We always carry an extension cord with us for these moments when you really need to charge or plug something in. 

Stick Lighter – Lighters are always needed at events. They are used to light everything from votive candles that help set the mood to heat lamps that will help keep you warm. 

These are some of the most used and most useful items in our wedding day emergency kit. Want to be prepared for any challenge but don’t have time to run out and stock your own kit? Head over to the Academy shop and pick up our’s to get yourself started!