4 Moments You Should Send Gifts to Clients as a Wedding Planner

4 Moments You Should Send Gifts to Clients as a Wedding Planner

Image from Sourced Co.

When you’re a wedding planner, celebrating is part of your job. From helping couples kick off their engagement with a party to sending them down the aisle, there are lots of things that deserve a toast! But, in addition to helping your clients plan their big day and indulge with family and friends, there are certain times that you should be celebrating your working-tasting-site-visit-design-mockup relationship too. Today then, we wanted to talk about the 4 moments you should send gifts to your clients as a wedding planner. Read on for our top Greetabl picks and ideas on what you can send!

After They Book You

This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t send a small gift after a new client books them. Even if you are simply sending a handwritten note about how excited you are to work with someone, this small act can really make a difference in setting the tone. We’ve personally worked this into our onboarding workflow with Greetabl! We love how easy it is to put together a cute and kind note (plus a small gift) to send after new clients have signed the dotted line.

Our favorite Greetabl to send after clients book? We love this clean and on-brand pattern with some bubbly to celebrate!


1 Month Before Their Wedding

The wedding planning process can be a whirlwind, so we love starting the official 30-day countdown with a little something special. To make it easy on yourself, set a task reminder as soon as you start working with each of your clients for 35 days before their wedding. That way, you get the reminder with enough time to place your order and have it arrive to them on the 30-day countdown kickoff! Plus, with Greetabl’s new Insider Pro, you can create a template to send this gift in no time flat.

Our favorite Greetabl to send in the one month countdown? We love the energy of this pattern, especially when you pair it with confetti!


In the Weeks After Their Wedding

As wedding planners and business owners, we pay a lot of attention to client onboarding and experience, but what about their “off-boarding?” How you close out a working relationship can be just (if not more) important than how you started it since leaving clients feeling great means they are more likely to refer you to their friends and family. So, we think it is important to let your clients (especially the ideal ones) know how much you enjoyed helping them plan their wedding.

Our favorite Greetabl to send after your clients’ big day? We love this romantic pattern designed by our friends at Sourced Co. paired with a photo block from Esselle! Since we get images from clients’ wedding gallery pretty quickly, it’s great to include them in the Greetabl design and then the clients can display one with the gift!


On Their 1st Anniversary

While sending past clients a gift isn’t a “must do,” we happen to think it is a great opportunity to build your reputation. So, in addition to setting a task reminder to kick off the 30-day countdown, we go ahead and set another for a few days before the first anniversary. Sending a small gift so far after you’ve finished working with them not only helps you solidify your amazing attention to detail but it brings you top of mind in the case that your former clients need a gentle reminder to refer you.

Our favorite Greetabl to send on their anniversary?  We love this fun and fresh pattern paired with a little something sweet!


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