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What to Expect at LVL Academy

Lindsay FergusonComment
What to Expect at LVL Academy

Our next wedding planner workshop is less than a month away and we could not be more excited! Planners from around the country are joining us for 3 days of hands-on learning, networking, and inspiration and we wanted to share a bit about what everyone can expect at our seventh Academy!

We start every day with breakfast and an opportunity to network with the other attendees because building relationships and growing your community is an important part of being a successful professional. So, don’t forget to bring a stack of business cards! You’ll be meeting other wedding planners and professionals from around the country and you want to be able to keep in touch.

LVL Academy Day 1

The first day of Academy is where we build a strong foundation by talking through best practices. We cover a lot (we’ll have notebooks and pens for you to take notes in), so be ready to learn and ask questions! Just some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • Coordination vs. planning

  • How to identify your ideal client

  • The booking and sales process

  • How to price your services

  • A photo/video panel with Garrett Richardson Photography and Hoo Films

  • Plus, budget management, timelines, and vendor referrals

And, before wrapping up for the day, we’ll share a buffet style dinner from 24 Carrots Catering!

LVL Academy Day 2

The second day kicks off with headshots! All of our attendees will get lips and lashes done by Design Visage and then have their professional headshot taken by McCune Photography. (We added this to the schedule for the first time in June and it quickly became one of our favorite moments! We are so excited to bring it back for November!)

The rest of day 2 is all about design. And, in addition to talking about the overall design process, we’ll also cover stationery, rentals, linens, and layout. Plus, we have great speakers lined up to share their design expertise! You’ll get to learn:

  • How to style the perfect flay lay with Lorely Meza

  • How to sketch your creative ideas with Mary Phan of The Sketchbook Series

  • As well as another great wedding planner panel!

To end the evening, we’ll be sharing a delicious family style dinner from 24 Carrots Catering!


LVL Academy Day 3

The last day of Academy is a mix of breakout sessions and hands-on learning. We’ll cover topics like checklists, what to have in your emergency kit, how to confirm vendors, and (everyone’s favorite) social media tips in more of a classroom setting. But, the rest of the day is about walking you through how to do things so that you get hands-on experience! Here’s what you’ll learn how to do:

  • Make a backup boutonniere and pin it with Isari Flower Studio

  • How to tie a tie and bow tie with Friar Tux

  • How to run a ceremony rehearsal

  • How to cut a wedding cake

We truly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and we cannot wait to welcome the next class to LVL Academy! It will be 3 days of learning new skills, refining existing ones, but (maybe most importantly) growing a community and inspiring people to have the confidence they need to go out and plan amazing weddings for their clients.

There are still a few seats left for our November 6-8th wedding planner workshop here in Orange County, California! Register yourself today and we’ll see you there!