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Our Top 3 Tips to Help You Streamline Your Planning Process

Lindsay FergusonComment
Our Top 3 Tips to Help You Streamline Your Planning Process

There are a couple of constants when you are a business owner: a to-do list that never ends, the never-ending hunt for good help, and the quest to create provide great customer service – to name a few. And, those hold true even when you are in the business of wedding planning. But, one of the biggest constants in the world of weddings, is the never-ending pursuit of the perfect process. So today, we wanted to share our top 3 tips to help you streamline your planning process (spoiler alert, they involve Aisle Planner).

Start Using a Project Management System

Hands down, the best thing we ever did to make our planning process as efficient as it could be, was getting it off of paper and onto the computer. We stopped constantly printing and reprinting checklists because we had written so many notes on them. We stopped trying to see how many pieces of paper we could hole punch through at the same time to speed up putting together a planning binder for new clients. We stopped freaking out because we couldn’t find something because we unknowingly filed it in the wrong client folder. But, even though we had taken a huge step in the right direction, we found ourselves with new challenges – mainly that we had decentralized our process.

The lesson we learned was that using technology to house our planning process did not mean it was automatically going to be better. That having certain docs in Google Drive, images on Pinterest, and templates in Dropbox did not, in fact, make us more productive. So, when we discovered Aisle Planner back in 2015, moving our planning process to it was the next huge step we needed to take in the quest for a streamlined process.

All of this to say – the first thing you need to do to streamline your planning process is get it on a project management system like Aisle Planner. Doing so allows you to build your planning process in one program, as opposed to having it spread across multiple platforms.  

Create (and Document) a Repeatable Workflow 

The idea here is simple, if your planning process is not repeatable, it is definitely not streamlined. Because, if you are needing to recreate the wheel every time you book a new client, you are spending more time on them than you need to. From knowing the steps you are going to take to welcome your new couples to your planning process and how much time you have until invites need to go out to scheduling final walk-throughs like clock work and getting a first draft of the timeline done 30 days out, a streamlined planning process comes down to documentation. So, if you haven’t taken the time to write out each step of your planning process (both your tasks and your client to-dos), move this to the top of your admin list so that you and your team can follow an exact plan for each of your weddings moving forward.

Pro-tip: Aisle Planner’s checklist tool not only makes it easy to build out your workflow in the same checklist as your clients’ tasks but to assign due dates and responsible parties too!

Template Everything You Can

Now that you are starting yourself an Aisle Planner account and have a date to document every to-do in your planning process, the last thing you can do to streamline your wedding planning process is head straight to the templates area in Aisle Planner and create templates…for everything! Templating your process and associated documents for each of your services allows you to:

  • Quickly set up a new wedding and get your clients started in no time

  • Ensure that your associate planners, coordinators, or interns are all executing the same process (i.e. providing each of your couples the same client experience)

  • Make quick updates to better your planning process in the future as you figure out what works and what doesn’t

Want to take our tips and streamline your own process with them? Start a free 30-day trial on Aisle Planner’s wedding planning tools today and use the code plannerlife for 15% off your first 3 months when you sign up!