Lindsay Ferguson

5 Strategies to Book Your Bride

Lindsay Ferguson
5 Strategies to Book Your Bride

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Create a sales process that is efficient but still personal so you can reply quickly. It is so imperative to setting the professional bar and creating a great first impression.

Connection is Key

Don’t jump right into the sale. Get to know the couple and asks some basic questions; Where did they meet?  How did they get engaged? What do they do for work? You will be surprised what simple questions will lead to and what you may find you have in common. This really sets the tone for creating that connection.

Be a Better Listener

Whatever you do, never interrupt. There is nothing worse than cutting someone off because you are eager to sell your service. Error on the side of being a great listener and asking engaging questions.

Offer Some Nuggets

Share some helpful tips and shed some light on your experience and that you are the expert. You do need to be careful here as you don’t want to give away the farm but you will be surprised how far a few small tips will go.

Wrap it Up In a Bow

Before you end the conversation be sure to ask if they have any additional questions you may not have answered and then let them know what to expect next which is typically a custom proposal. A good rule of thumb is to tell them you will have it to them in a certain amount of time and then always beat that time so you exceed their expectations off the bat.