Wedding Planner Spotlight: Toni and Lauren of A & L Events

Wedding Planner Spotlight: Toni and Lauren of A & L Events

We first connected with Toni and Lauren of A & L Events over Instagram and immediately were impressed. In their first few years of business, they have built a strong brand based in their friendship (they are legit BFFs) and it should come as no surprise that these driven young women have the potential to help influence the growing Pittsburgh market! They attended our summer wedding planner workshop and today, we are so excited to share some of their favorite memories and takeaways!

What was your favorite moment during Academy? 

Our favorite moment of the Academy is difficult to pinpoint because it was all so wonderful and beneficial. Collectively, we would say that our favorite moment was the opportunity to be amongst a group of strong women with entrepreneurial spirits, as well as having the opportunity to build friendships from both our commonalities and differences that we learned from each other. It was refreshing, remarkable and something that we will forever cherish and remember. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned? 

Hands down the biggest lesson we took home with us was knowing our worth as female entrepreneurs in the wedding + event industry. Sometimes it is a hard topic for us to accept - putting ourselves out there at a high standard for people to value. However, with a little bit of confidence and all of the tools learned at the Academy, we feel ready to further excel as a business & as individuals. We feel that it will only elevate and catapult us onto the next level! 

What did you go home and do right away? 

Well, the above was a little foreshadowing for this response - but, we tweaked our packages & pricing AND signed up for Aisle Planner! Our wedding brochure is now based upon knowing our worth and Aisle Planner's wedding planning tools are what we now utilize to provide our clients with smooth and seamless services across a collaborative platform to engage in the planning process. Both game-changers.