4 Ways to Speed Up Your Sales Process

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Sales Process

When you’re running a wedding planning business, there are a lot of things that can be “the most important thing.” Leading up to engagement season is all about marketing yourself. Booking season is all about fielding leads. Wedding season is all about getting your couples through their checklists while building the best client experience you can. But, regardless of what time of the year it is, there are a few things that are always “the most important thing”. And, your sales process is one of them. So today on the blog, we wanted to talk through our top tips to help you make sure that you not only have a strong sales process but one that is efficient (read: fast), so you can get back to those other “most important things.” Read on for 4 ways to speed up your sales process without rushing through it!

Establish a Workflow 

The first step to speeding up your sales process is to have everything mapped out in a workflow. We’re talking about each step and knowing about how many days after the previous step they should happen. So, block a bit time on your calendar, sit down, and document your sales process – and put it to a timeline. A lead inquiry comes in and then you:

Day 1 – send this

Day 2 – do this

Day 3 – put together this

Put every action you take in your sales process into a checklist so that you can follow it in the future. This becomes a huge time-saver since you won’t find yourself recreating your process every time!

Pro-tip: Business management tools like Honeybook allow you to automate parts of your workflow as the ultimate time saver!

Streamline communication

Another way to speed up your sales process is to streamline your communication. And, one of the best ways to do that is to have some email templates. We put together a package of sales templates that includes tips about what to include on your lead capture form, an initial reply email template, two versions of a follow up email template, one lost business email template, and one sales call/meeting form. Purchase them in the shop and then customize them to fit your needs!

But, the other way you can streamline your communication is by enforcing boundaries on certain calls and meetings. While you might never cut certain calls or meetings short, your initial sales call (or complimentary consultation) should never turn into a wedding planning session. Keep your initial calls to 30 minutes and meetings to 60 to respect everybody’s time and keep your sales process on track.

Template Your Proposals and Contracts

Preparing proposals and contracts for potential clients is a time consuming process (especially if you are starting from scratch every time). So, another way to shave time off of your overall sales process is by templating your contracts and proposals. Create and save versions of both for each of your wedding planning services so that you can use and reuse them in the future. Highlight the parts of the template that you need to update for each new client and then upload them to a business management platform, like Honeybook, to make them easy to send!  

Make it Easy for People to Pay Deposits

Waiting for checks in the mail and hunting down payments does not help anyone who is trying to speed up their sales process. And, gone are the days where sending invoices and collecting deposits required paper, stamps, and mailboxes. Online invoicing and payments are some of our favorite features in Honeybook! Because, when potential clients have signed the dotted line, they can click straight through to an invoice that includes the option to pay their deposit online. Using this feature alone shaves a couple of steps off of the final steps in your sales process and saves tons of time.

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