The Sketchbook Series at LVL Academy | Day 3

You may be thinking to yourself. I can't draw, I am not an artist. We had the same mindset until we experienced The Sketchbook Series (TSS) first hand and now we are bringing it to the LVL Academy!

As wedding planners it is our job to turn concepts into realities for our couples. Now more than ever our couples require visual interaction in order to make decisions. While we have the help of Pinterest and Google our couples are looking for a unique style for their big day and not just a collage of photos we pulled together online. 

Lucky us, Mary Phan, founder of The Sketchbook Series (TSS), has created a tool to teach us how to bring our client's visions to life! With her expansive knowledge in event design and planning the TSS is an interactive workshop where basic sketching skills are learned in hopes of easy application into your own creative work and raising your value to your clients.  Mary's approach is simple and easy to follow and you we promise you will be blown away with what you walk away with.   

The visual art skills that TSS teaches during this class allows for stronger connections with clients; building trust, communication, and an overall vision along the way and we guarantee will take your value and business to the next level. 

Here is what's all included in the TSS mini course!

  • 3 Hour Sketching Class with experienced TSS Instructor
  • Class set of markers to borrow during session
  • Sketch Kit (includes: Sketchbook, Pencils, Erasers, Detail pens , 12” ruler, Worksheet that accompanies specific lesson)
  • Full Sketch Lesson on a sketching a Dessert Station