Lindsay Ferguson

Fall 2017 Workshop : Day 1 Content

Lindsay Ferguson
Fall 2017 Workshop : Day 1 Content

We are SOOO EXCITED to announce an incredible partnership and BIG NEWS happening at our next workshop. Before we let the cat out of the bag, we wanted to give you the break down of the content Day by Day.

When we say LVL Academy is jam packed, we aren't kidding! The workshop is from 8am to 8pm with very little down time. We recognize that your time is precious, so we fill every minute to the max. Additionally we want to teach you everything we can, so you can feel great about your investment.


DAY 1 : Fall 2017 Content

Continental Breakfast & free flowing coffee : We drink the coffee and then we do the things right? Full bellies & caffeinated often lead to open minds and happy hearts so we will have what you need to get going. First up is introductions and back ground of your instructors - Lindsay & Heather, who are sure to feel like longtime friends by the end of the weekend.

Wedding Planner Titles, Packages & Pricing : No reason to hesitate, we jump right in. We understand you may have questions about what title to call yourself, what services you should offer and how much to charge? Heather will guide you through LVL's titles, packages and pricing, give you guidelines, things to consider and rules of thumb for you to decide what is best for YOU.

What makes you a PRO? Heather will start the conversation and boy is it a good one. What makes you a pro? What do you need before you are recognized by couples and your peers as a professional? We discuss the basics and how this evolves as you gain experience.

How to Book Weddings : Most planners are people pleasers at heart, Heather will walk you through a fool proof way of connecting with your potential couples and booking more weddings than ever before.

Getting Started Planning step by step: You booked a couple!! YAY!! Cue the confetti... now what? Heather will walk you through the process of starting you and your couples on a planning path of success.

Managing your workload & efficiently planning with Aisle Planner : LVL and LVL Academy are powered by AISLE PLANNER. The team at Aisle Planner will be there to walk you through best practices to leverage the best technology ever created for Wedding Planners.

Creating and Managing a Wedding Budget : It all starts with money. No matter if the weddings you plan have small, medium or luxury budgets, we will talk through allocation and management of the big bad budget.

Finding the Perfect Venue: Heather will guide you through how to help your couples find the perfect venue.

Lunch : Keeping you nourished for the fun to come.

Wedding & Special Event Catering Speaker : We are so excited to bring you speakers that work in catering day in and day out. A catering perspective is one of the most valuable that a planner can learn.

How to Create a Timeline: We call this our Wedding Bible. It is the most important document we create during the planning process. We will teach you how to build this step by step and learn to be proactive and ensure you and your couples are making the best possible plans. 

Photography & Video Speakers : Some of the industry's very best will be joining us to share with YOU. They will share their stories, successes and why they love working with great planners.

How to ask the Information you need for a smooth Ceremony : More and more couples are opting for a ceremony outside a place of worship. Heather will make sure you learn to be an expert guide and ask the imperative questions to ensure the ceremony is flawless.

Mastering Wedding Rehearsals : Have no fear! Our resident rehearsal guru, Heather will walk you through our tried and true rehearsal process so you will never have to be nervous again.

How to Cut a Wedding Cake : Best party trick you will learn all weekend. 

Dinner with your new friends with open questions and discussion with Lindsay & Heather.

Photos by Lorely Meza Photography

Photos by Lorely Meza Photography