Lindsay Ferguson

Are you living the Planner Life?

Lindsay Ferguson
Are you living the Planner Life?

Our mission reaches far beyond the computer screen or classroom. LVL Academy is building a stronger wedding planning community worldwide. So what does that mean? What is Planner Life?

You may have seen the hashtag, and you may have an inkling or two as to what it means—but what the heck are we actually talking about when we use the term Planner Life?? If you find yourself dreaming about floral arrangements, Insta-stalking others in the industry, and constantly on the hunt for tools to take your planning to the next level, chances are you're living that planner life we so often reference. Planner life, in fact, has three main facets—and we're breaking each of them down for you today. Read on, and get ready to become a planner with a capital P. 

1. PASSION. Are you passionate about weddings to your core?!?! Do you attend friends' nuptials and find yourself fixing table runners or arranging chairs just-so? Do you dream in color palettes and floral garlands and stationary suites? Are you obsessed with bridal gown trends and go weak in the knees for a good vow reading? Do you consider the day Pantone releases its color of the year to be a national holiday and calligraphy to be the highest art form? JOIN THE CLUB.

Education and experience aside, the very best wedding planners are those who are truly passionate about one thing: celebrations of love. If you're ultimate goal is to help couples have the best day of their lives, you've got the first step in that #plannerlife covered. Remember: everyone is the new kid on the block at some point in their lives. If this is you right now, focus on what you do have rather than what you don't: you may not have decades of experience or tons of luxury weddings to your name, but you do have one thing: passion (and we happen to think that's all any planner needs to get started). 

2. COMMUNITY. Do you work as a wedding professional or a wedding planner?? WELCOME. Just in case no one ever said it—welcome to this crazy, incredible, rewarding, ever-evolving, endlessly demanding industry. Let's take a second to stop and say one thing: we are really glad you are here. And we mean that!

Everything LVL Academy believes is rooted in Community Over Competition. We believe that, when we work together, we do far better work than when we work in isolation. When we share our secrets, hand over industry-insider tips, and network with like-minded people, the industry as a whole thrives (as do our individual businesses). We don't believe in secret recipes at LVL: we invite you to take a heaping spoonful (and them some) of whatever it is we're cooking up in our kitchen at any given time. We're all about the power of the collective—creativity, after all, thrives on communication. Team work and community are the foundation of all that we do. We couldn't be happier that you've followed your passion to this career, and, now that you have, let's join forces and be better, together. After all, you can't be living that planner life if you're not rooted in that planner community. 

3. RESOURCES. Do you have days where you feel stuck? Do you wish you had a stronger support system or a reliable platform you could turn to for resources and education? Do you want to be a part of a conversation centered on pushing our industry towards more collaboration and community rather than jealousy and competition? Good news: so do we. We have bad days (we're talking terrible, horrible no-good, very-bad days), too. When we first started out, we had days where we had so much to learn and no idea in the world where to turn—and we decided we never wanted another planner to feel so lost.

So, in an effort to help all planners reach their full potential, we've taken our passion and our years of experience and created LVL Academy. We use our blog, social media platforms, and newsletters to not only share Academy dates and details—but ultimately to provide a place where you can tap into trusted resources for invaluable advice and insight and, most importantly, where you can join a conversation with the thousands of like-minded planners who feel the rollercoaster of emotions each year. Just like you.

Now that you know what it's all about it, we invite you to join in on the planner life. Use #lvlplannerlife when you post on Instagram to share your trials, errors, successes, and celebrations! Tag us in posts so we can discuss your thoughts, hurdles and ideas big and small. AND Be sure you're receiving our Planner Life Newsletter for first-to-know access to advice, insight and sales—sign up via our contact page or email today.

Cheers, dreamers and doers, to living that #lvlplannerlife to the absolute fullest!