Lindsay Ferguson

Should Wedding Planners Negotiate?

Lindsay Ferguson
Should Wedding Planners Negotiate?

Yep! We are going there! One of the questions we consistently get in the sales phase with clients is - will you negotiate contracts? Will you get me the best price? Will you help me stay on budget?

Have you been asked these questions? Let's dive into two ways you can choose to handle client contract negotiations.

I think when it comes to planners and negotiating there are two schools of thought: Best Deal vs. Best Value.

1. Your role is to get your client the best deal. Some planners pride themselves in being master negotiators who push back at venue and vendors pricing to ensure their clients get the lowest possible price. This is often for the couples on a strict budget more concerned with finding services within their budget.

2. Your role is to get your client the best value. I relate more to this one, I think my job is to know my client, educate them on the value associated with the cost of the vendors I am referring to them. I tend to think negotiating can be seen as undermining the value of professional services.

What is the difference between the best price and the best value? I think it is your job as the wedding expert to help determine which your client is seeking out. If the client is searching for the best deal then you have to be sure you are referring vendors in their budget and ones that have negotiable pricing. 

How do you decide what is best for you? Are you comfortable negotiating? Since I fall in the latter of the two, I let my clients know that I will be very thoughtful in my referrals to ensure their vendors are a great fit for them not only because they are experienced, professional, and skilled but also because they work within their budget. 

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Happy Planning!
- Heather Hoesch