Lindsay Ferguson

LVL Academy: A New Standard of Wedding Planner Education

Lindsay Ferguson
LVL Academy: A New Standard of Wedding Planner Education

Hi all! Lindsay & Heather here!!

We are big believers in knowing your WHY and telling your story. As planners, it's important to devote your time to what you believe in and what can make your community better as a whole. So we are here to share our WHY for LVL Academy. Over years of experience and conversations with hundreds of planners, there are a few things we know to be true. 

Number 1: As an aspiring, novice planner, or experienced planner we know there is no clear defined path to enter and succeed in this industry. It is void of bench marks, standards of excellence, and tried & true best practices. 

Number 2: In the ever-changing wedding industry, it is KEY to have a community around you to help you rise the tide. 

Number 3: In order to be the best, it is imperative to #neverstoplearning and have a place to grow and learn from others. 

We have connected with so many planners (aspiring, novice, and even experienced!) who struggle to find their way in this saturated market. Partly because quality resources available to learn & grow are few and far between. These planners are left with little options and the self-taught path can be long and filled with pitfall after pitfall. 

Recognizing this scarcity of quality education and low barrier of entry to the industry, we sat down to create a detailed and comprehensive curriculum now known as LVL Academy.  We both strongly believe in learning the ins and outs of planning well before getting experience at someone's wedding. We believe planners should value their worth and run their companies like a business rather than a hobby. 

The curriculum we created leaves attendees feeling not only inspired, but equipped. LVL Academy offers education on the true role of a planner and how to implement essential processes so that you have happy clients after every single event. But we can't possibly teach you everything you need to know on our own. So we partner with top creatives in the wedding industry to bring first-hand perspective regarding photography, video, floral, venue, and catering management. We want you to have the tools to be the planner your vendor team wants to work with time and time again.

Planners who are new to the industry or just looking to continue to learn often times find themselves in a confusing and lonely place. They are surrounded by a saturated market and an unprecedented path to success which can be so overwhelming! We designed LVL Academy to place you on a path to immediate growth, provide a strong foundation of education, and set you up for success.

So what is our WHY? We are crazy passionate about leading wedding planners to strive toward being their best self and big believers in the fact that we should all never stop learning.

Interested in joining LVL Academy to start elevating your career today?