Lindsay Ferguson

Why we love the First Look

Lindsay Ferguson
Why we love the First Look

Should we do a first look? How do they work? Will it take away from the experience of walking down the aisle?

These are just a few of the questions that couples usually ask regarding first looks. As wedding planners, it is important that we have these answers and are able to present the client with all of their options. After all, education is a HUGE part of our jobs.

We want to share our top reasons for why we LOVE first looks! We hope that you can take this education and pass it along to your couples. And remember: the ceremony is a sacred tradition for most, so it's important to never force your couples to go one direction or the other if they don't want to. But it is valuable to educate your couples on the pros and cons of first looks. 


1. More Time for Photos + Video
Adding a first look to a special day is very beneficial for your photo and video teams. They are able to use this time to get more photos of the couple and get shots of the entire bridal party together. Additionally, first looks result in absolutely dreamy photos of the couple and really capture an intimacy up close that is hard to find in the crazy mix of the rest of the wedding day. But don't panic about photo time if your couple opt out of a first look. A great solution to this is to have your cocktail hour for an hour and a half. 


2. Enjoy Your Cocktail Hour!
Have clients who would love to spend some time at their own cocktail hour? A first look may be the way to go! Having all of those additional photos taken before the ceremony creates an opportunity for the couple to take less photos after the ceremony and enjoy their cocktail hour with guests!


3. Share A Private Moment
Wedding days are busy and if you ask most couples they will confirm that the day goes by in the blink of an eye. So when do they get to be present? Or spend some intimate time with the person they have chosen to spend their lives with? First looks create the perfect setting for couples to connect and be present on their big day. 

We often hear from couples that are worried about ruining the "walking down the aisle moment" by having a first look. Time after time, couples confirm that the experience of walking down the aisle is so different from a first look and extremely special in it's own way. If anything, first looks seem to add to the intimacy & connection between the couple on their special day. 


4. Ease Those Pre-Ceremony Jitters
If you have a bride or groom that is easily anxious or getting those pre-ceremony jitters, suggest a first look! Seeing each other beforehand relieves some of the pressure of walking down the aisle. Having all of your guests watching you plus seeing each other for the first time can be pretty overwhelming! A first look can help to calm those nerves and allow for a more present experience down the aisle.