Lindsay Ferguson

Meet the Instructors: Heather Hoesch

Lindsay Ferguson
Meet the Instructors: Heather Hoesch

Meet LVL Academy Instructor: Heather Hoesch!!

Born and raised in sunny Ventura, Heather grew up with a love for leadership and as is common with most leaders, her report cards often read that she talked too much in class. She had a love of celebrating moments big & small from a young age but was unaware that her passion could turn into her career!

After graduating high school, Heather put her leadership skills to good use at a local bridal salon. Not long after, she was able to take a bride's dress clip-outs, get an idea of their personal style, and almost always succeed in picking out their dream wedding gown. She then moved south to get her degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Long Beach.

It was then that Heather got her first taste of the wedding industry. During her college years, she landed a serving job with a local catering company who hosted mainly weddings. Feeling unsatisfied as a server, she worked her way up in the company from a server, to a supervisor, to a manager, and then landed a position as the in-house wedding coordinator. In her 5 years there, she coordinated 500 weddings (with anywhere from 2 to 5 weddings per weekend!) and fell in love with the wedding world. 

Craving the chance to be more creative with a more flexible schedule, Heather set out to start her own wedding planning company. Her start was similar to many first-time business owners we meet today (You know that moment when you're sitting on your couch in sweats thinking "Now what do I do?") She realized that having experience wasn't enough to stand out in the saturated Southern California market. But it would take a lot more than this to stop her from becoming the wedding planner she knew she could be.

Proving the importance of networking, Heather met up with a local photographer friend to exchange ideas and advice. It was there that Heather met Lindsay for the first time. Lindsay and Heather met up the following week to talk about their vision, their passion, and their goals. Lindsay's vision of a team approach in the industry was a perfect match for Heather who did not enjoy running a business. They put two & two together and Lindsay gave Heather her first wedding under LVL. And they joke that they have been together ever since.

Now, 11 years later, Heather produces luxury & destination weddings and manages the LVL team as a partner of LVL Weddings & Events. She is also proud to be one of the lead instructors and owners of LVL Academy giving her the opportunity to share her story, give advice from her years of professional experience, and teach her tried & true processes to aspiring and novice planners. 



1. Heather has never met a hike she didn't like.

2. Yes way, Rosè! For Heather, there are few problems that some Rosè & confetti can't solve. 

3. When she's not in the office or onsite at a wedding, there's a 95% chance she's grabbing a poke bowl. (At LVL, poke bowls are a must-have at least twice a week)